Product detail SIMERUS watering tape Shading of PET plastic bottle / hot water

Notes of liquid fertilizer use
-SIMERUS watering tape-

In order to avoid the occurrence of algae in the PET plastic bottles by liquid fertilizer use, shielded by coating a PET plastic bottle.

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-SIMERUS float-

Even SIMERUS float use, if you put the liquid fertilizer to the water supply source tank that is not shielded, algae is likely to grow.
It recommends an appropriate amount of supply to the soil, Directly.

In general, from the beginning, and then fertilizing the soil, organic fertilizers is desirable,
Liquid fertilizer may be used as a top dressing.


-SIMERUS box, palette, planter +, tube-

To the interior of the device itself, directly, liquid fertilizer supply is possible.

Liquid fertilizer and pesticides is not wasted, efficient, and does not pollute even if the outer environment.
It should be noted that, if the equipment inside is not a condition of full blackout, it might be better to avoid the continuous use of liquid fertilizer.

Even SIMERUS tube, it can supply liquid fertilizer directly into the tube.

There is almost no water loss in SIMERUS, it is friendly to the outside environment, but, on the contrary, it tends to be that it would excessively given a liquid fertilizer.
Since there is no water loss, fertilizer use efficiency is very high.

Therefore, liquid fertilizer is recommended to be used to dilute the specified dilution or more. In addition, without a large amount of use at a time, and a plurality of times.
In addition, there is also an efficient technique for spreading use of the stock solution of liquid fertilizer.


The hot water comes out becomes a serious problem?
SIMERUS is safe, is no problem.

By solar heat, even the hot water is generated in the PET plastic bottles and water supply pipe, there is no problem with the water supply to the plant.

The reason is because it’s very slow water supply.
It would be cold, that is, to become a similar water temperature with the surrounding soil.
Hot water generation will be a problem in such timer type water supply equipment and perforated nozzle type PET plastic bottle.
That hot water is ejected it is dangerous.
Not only plants, such as dangerous even children, it is that dangerous to pets.
In particular SIMERUS, PET plastic bottle does not have a particularly hot water problem if the light-shielding.
It is not also a structure that ejected is pressurized by the heat.


Shading Examples of transparent PET plastic bottle

In order to prevent the lens effect by the transparent PET plastic bottles (fire prevention), it is appropriate to shield the bottle.
In addition, the occurrence of algae will be suppressed.

By shielding the PET plastic bottles, for less visible, it would be easy to become wrapped around the PET plastic bottles with aluminum tape shiny.
PET plastic bottles will be difficult to see if vegetation is reflected.

(If you wind the aluminum tape, it is useful to water level confirmation when leaving a vertical transparent slit of about 1cm)
In addition, those that reflect light, such as aluminum, it is also said to insects reluctant.


Please adjusted to an appropriate safety under the conditions of growth and light.