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NEWS Products Bottom watering of the hydrophilic non-woven fabric available

A large-scale facility cultivation, for the plant factory, also, can also be applied for vegetable cultivation at home, it is a new irrigation system.
The plant does not come into contact directly to the water.

Also greening of large area can support.

In a very simple structure, it has a high economic efficiency.

Note The following is the simplest arrangement of home improvement.

NEWS Produgts Bottom irrigation without basin

It is a new product of high performance hydrophilic non-woven fabric.

Flowers and ornamental plants, nursery, small vegetables, It is suitable for those of irrigation.

In particular, it is very useful for the coming season.

For example, it is also useful for cultivation in the window.

Caution; just in case, water may leak and also used in a safe place.

DSC_5385 DSC_5409

Under Construction/ SIMERUS palette, SIMERUS box, SIMERUS planter +

Easy to be made in the soil.”

Safety, smart agriculture, variety rich cultivation

It adopted a strong Bio-Barrier of new materials, improved workability (2013/3)

It is not a troublesome circulation reducing use”.

Waste water does not flow out.

SIMERUS does not become excessive moisture soil, it is not a conventional bottom irrigation system.

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Product detail SIMERUS float


SIMERUS float series

Gardening, home garden, porch, roof greening

By tank of water supply source (recommended 20L below), over a long period of time, it can be continuous water supply in self-regulation.

Moisten lightly the soil“, it is a healthy watering device to the plant. Electricity and water plug is also unnecessary.
It will save you the trouble of watering.

Much slower than the water supply drip irrigation, waste does not come out, management is easy.

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Product detail SIMERUS watering tape


Most new PET plastic bottle water supply
It is a continuous automatic adjustment of water supply to the plant pot or planter.
Because it is very slow water supply, it does not issue a waste of water as perforated nozzle.
Therefore, the water will be long-lasting.
Drilling of cap is not required, it can simply put a tape.
That there is almost no soiling the floor with flowing water.
Water-saving effect preeminent
Electricity is not used.
High environmental performance most simple, low cost
Water becomes a long-lasting, vegetables will be delicious in soil moistened lightly.
SIMERUS watering tape is the most ideal water supply method when absence and excursions.
Of course, you can use every day. Electricity is also unnecessary.
800 yen – 15 pieces /tax not included

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