NEWS  The new development: Mobile cultivation unit is ideal for aerospace and marine. It is also ideal for plant factories and mega float.

In general, large fertilizer content and water loss in the soil cultivation, further, is also difficult circulation recycling of water. In hydroponics, basically, I can not feed water control only in the nutrient solution concentration osmotic pressure, further, there is a need for disinfection of the nutrient solution.

figure mega float (Shipbuilding Reseach Center of Japan)

Therefore, for example, in the case of cultivated in futuristic plant factory, (including genetically modified) high functionality vegetables (herbs) variety is hard to grow. In other words, those of water management is much more difficult, for the, production example of having the economic rationality is not heard.

Furthermore, hydroponics is difficult in the swing or zero gravity conditions. Similarly, it is not stable in drip irrigation applied to the soil medium.

In this development, based on the negative pressure difference irrigation system of self-regulation water supply,
It can also be utilized in shaking or zero gravity conditions, while maintaining the moisture potential precisely in the soil (medium), with the aim of commercialization of plant cultivation module that prevented even water splashing and evaporation.

In addition, to simplify the irrigation piping is possible to easily move, to be able to easily installed even on ships and mega-float.

If you say, it is what to proceed with the anytime, anywhere of“.

photograph The International Space Station (JAXA)