FAQ You get the hang of watering?

 You get the hang of watering?

Moisten lightly the soil“, this soil management is difficult in other ways.
Furthermore, basically variations will be a very large problem.
Some of the plants will wither.

A lot of sensor, such as a photograph is required.


Features of other automatic water supply

Here, we pick up the general commercial drip irrigation mainly, whereby you‘d be easy to understand even features of our products.

-Water pipe (faucet of water supply) direct connection type-

This type is using tap water pressure for watering.
Of course, you must continue to connect to the faucet.

The advantages of utilizing a water tap, because the pump is not required (the middle valve only move in the timer control, the battery is long-lasting.

In addition, this method is not available for water supply from rainwater tank without pump
In other words, the built-in valve does not work in the reduction of water pressure.
It is the same situation as the automatic faucet that are about the basin.

The more you added a large number of (water supply) nozzle, the difference of the amount of water for the season and plant growth, and clogging of the nozzle, the variation of the nozzle performance, due to water pressure fluctuations, it is difficult to water supply quantity adjustment for each nozzle.

Lightly wet adjustment such as SIMERUS is not possible with all of the drip nozzle.

In fact, it might impossible to use indoors.

In other words, SIMERUS is the same thing as with moisture sensors at every position.

If it is directly exposed to sunlight, especially during the summer, basically, water supply should not be allowed to set in during the day to become a high temperature.
During the day, the hot water of considerably high temperature in the tube will be supplied to the plant.

 Even if there is a faucet, you will need to secure full consideration connected.
In addition, the faucet will busy then it must be branched.
And you will not be able to connect to the other tube.
After all, it must be kept to a branch which considered safety.

Problem of nozzle and tube clogging

In the case of a water tap (water supply) directly connected, there is also a nozzle type, furthermore, there is also a tube that was open a number of small holes.

Water supply adjustment to is impossible from a small hole in the tube, which also will gradually clogged.

In other words, the water supply nozzle tube will continue to clogging.

Incidentally, when the new and old is mixed, in addition to the original variation, further increases variation, you will need to significantly water supply amount adjustment. However, it also is possible only if the adjustment is possible.

In drip nozzle of general commercial products, by type, it will change quite performance in a few cultivation season (about a year).

Which does not specify the washing method of the nozzles and the tube, they must be considered a consumable.

Even for professionals (such as farmers), there is one use type (disposable type).

Also it is of a type that can be cleaned, a difficult task.

Cleaning of SIMERUS tube in development is very easy.


Battery pump type with a water tank

There is also a type of providing a tank in a different

These advantages and disadvantages is almost the same as the water tap directly connected type.

You can use even if there is no faucet near, of course, you need to replenish the water to the tank.
Basically water supply by controlling the pump in the timer, unlike water plug type, the battery is exhausted, and it also increases the number of required battery.

There are many products that can not be the water supply to a position far from the tank, it has the relationship such as the power of the battery pump.

With built-in pump capacity, in fact, the number of possible connection nozzle is reduced.

In particular, if the nozzle is large, if the piping tube is long, the variation of the adjustment is more difficult than the water tap directly connected type.


SIMERUS/  Soil Integrated Moisture Environment for Rural and Urban Environment
In Japanese, it will overlap with the word “simeru” (meaning of wet lightly).


The burns plants, people and animals?  SIMERUS is safe.

Even if hot water is generated in the PET plastic bottles and in the pipe, the water supply to the plant does not have a problem.

The reason is because it’s very slow water supply, because become cold in the middle. In other words, it is because the same kind of temperature with the surrounding soil.

It should be noted that out of a tube of SIMERUS float, because it is a low-pressure use (100cm, -0.1bar, -10kPa below), you do not have to worry about most is ejected.