FAQ Danger full, Reservoir water to the flowerpot saucer


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Also Consider pet safety, In some cases, there is obviously a poison.

In SIMERUS, it is relatively easy to manage that do not generate wastewater.
Pesticides are also safe to use not contaminate the outside environment.
Also it will prevent poisoning and diseases caused by accidental ingestion.

Usually, pesticides and fertilizers also eventually will flow to the outside.
In the home garden only it is not visible.

There is also the idea of irrigated by hand with a love for the plant,” but I get even dirty water.
In other words, we should think even pet safety and environmental protection.

Features of SIMERUS is “lightly moisten“.

In particular, in the room conditions, it accumulates water with dangerous and toxic in a flowerpot saucer in any other way. Furthermore, it might overflow.
On the contrary, if it gets too nervous to this point, it too squeezed the water supply, it might cause a water shortage.
In the third-party, such as a timer type, it is hard to achieve “lightly moistenof SIMERUS.

For example, even in the most simple SIMERUS watering tape, even if simply seen, it is very high performance.

If such as flowers, since not eat, it is easy to think of the use of pesticides.
Pesticides should use the proper amount, but in the traditional irrigation, water flows out of a significant amount from the bottom of the flowerpot, it is why it has also been contaminated, such as flower pot dishes and floors by pesticides. It is dangerous.

It is obvious, but, if left pesticide flows, effects on the plant is reduced.
And repeatedly you will do the spraying, It is a vicious circle.
This is the same even in fertilizer.
Fertilizers and pesticides also not a free, and there are bad influence when outflow.
In addition, water resources itself is very important.

Making a simple, high-performance ones, it may to be very difficult

For example, tape spear SIMERUS water, water loss will not be zero at any time.

However, we can say empirically following things.

This is a feature of the PET plastic bottle use type,
Water is consumed, it will hear more air in the PET plastic bottle.
By expansion and contraction effect of air due to a temperature change of the day, in general water supply is increased, we can say to the conceivable also water leakage from the plant pot bottom.
Even in that case, by a balance of soil water retention, leakage from the bottom of the flowerpot is not usually.

Even if extra out water, water supply after is reduced.

In other words, even with a simple SIMERUS watering tape, it has been precise design.

At least, it will be far more water-saving compared to conventional perforated nozzle type.


Even in open field conditions, management moisten lightly, you can catch a lot of rain in the soil.
Therefore, sewage will be less.

The soil management of excessive moisture, in general terms, even if it rains, loss will be the majority.