NEWS HP update restarted Precision agriculture, and think also biome /Feb. 23 2018

Although we are approaching from the standpoint of plant cultivation of soil cultivation for environmental risk reduction, water saving, energy saving etc. From now on, in particular from the viewpoint of quality – quality of vegetables, water quality of feed water, regeneration of rain water · proper water quality – We will proceed with our efforts.

We believe that “Biome” has great relationship with precise soil moisture management. In addition, we can consider the necessity of management at the level that we can only do with our technology, as well as relative low cost.

Initially, we aim to provide stable supply of low potassium vegetables such as “Dr. Lettuce” and low nitrogen vegetables, by precision management of fertilizer ingredients. In addition, we aim to reduce the total cost.

It is not possible to save water and precise agriculture just by using nonwoven fabric.
Our SIMERUS water supply system organically weaves “nonwoven fabric, soil and plant”.


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-Example of performance of SIMERUS water supply system

It becomes a complex of sensor and water supply device – hydrophilic nonwoven fabric –
24 hours continuous water supply: Example 1.0 L / day / plant (0.7 cc / min / plant)
Automatic adjustment of capillary water supply according to soil moisture and humidity, Automatic water supply adjustment by capillary effect for each individual plant

– Problems of IoT and AI Big Data Analysis –

Because the variations are very large due to the location of the soil and the pot, it is very costly to install a large number of sensors and pumps for each.
IoT is utilized in growing management, but unless you carry out stable growth with reliable control of water volume, it is difficult to analyze big data of AI – securing reliable teacher data.

After all, water management is also important.