FAQ Concept and its limit of drip irrigation water-saving

Features of drip irrigation
The following matters are not well known.
In any case, the water supply rate of drip irrigation, still, is that too fast.

It is obvious, but the water supply rate of 1L in one hour of drip irrigation is 24 times faster for the water supply rate of 1L in 24 hours of SIMERUS.

In order to solve it, there is also a water supply which is divided into about 50 times in one day.
However, to say that such matter how big data management, compared to SIMERUS, cost and effort is considered to be very high.



However, there is also a case of quite excessive moisture in drip irrigation. Soil management to moisten lightly is difficult.
From the viewpoint of water use efficiency, and the water supply experiments even data such as the loss of more than 90% of the water supply in order to obtain sufficient in the horizontal direction of the water spreads according to (sandy soil)
(Experiment with special precision laboratory equipment)